Hosting regulations

Published May 23, 2016

  • 1 Subject of the regulations
  1. The Regulations specify the rules for setting up and using hosting accounts and any other services on servers belonging to Trzecia Strona sp. z o.o. by Subscribers in return for the charges they pay.
  2. Paying the subscription charge is tantamount to accepting these Regulations. Any complaints resulting from failure to familiarize oneself with them will not be considered.
  3. Trzecia Strona sp. z o.o. reserves the right to change these Regulations, about which it will inform all its customers by e-mail.
  4. Hosting accounts for libraries is a service that consists of providing:
    1. a specific volume of hard disk where files needed to run the library system can be stored;
    2. a specific amount of RAM;
    3. the necessary number of processors.
  5. A web hosting account is a service that consists in providing a specific volume of hard disk on which files creating the content of websites and mailboxes can be stored.
  • 2 Price list
  1. The following price list shall be in effect until a new one is published together with the regulations.
  2. Prices for hosting libraries in a library system:


SSD capacity80 GB120 GB160 GB
Amount of RAM8 GB16 GB32 GB
Number of shared CPU cores468
Price per monthPLN 81.30 (net) PLN 100 (gross)PLN 162.60 (net) PLN 200 (gross)PLN 325.20 (net) PLN 400 (gross)


  • 3 Obligations of Trzecia Strona
  1. Trzecia Strona Hosting Accounts can be accessed by Subscribers around the clock. Trzecia Strona reserves the right to short breaks resulting from periodic system maintenance or unforeseeable situations and natural disasters.
  2. In the event it becomes necessary to disconnect any services, Trzecia Strona shall be obliged to inform Subscribers in advance.
  3. If lack of access to a hosting account for which Trzecia Strona is at fault lasts longer than 72 hours, Trzecia Strona shall be obliged to refund the rate for the period of lack of access to the service.
  4. Trzecia Strona shall not bear any liability for Subscribers’ losses resulting from:
    1. interruptions in connections not caused by Trzecia Strona;
    2. natural disasters and the actions of third factors and/or parties;
    3. improper use of hosting accounts;
    4. hardware or software malfunctions which could not be prevented by Trzecia Strona and which were beyond its control;
    5. unauthorized persons gaining access to a Subscriber’s account;
    6. the effects of computer viruses;
    7. the provision of incomplete or false information when activating the services.
  5. Trzecia Strona shall not bear any liability for materials appearing in Subscribers’ accounts.
  6. Activation of the service shall take place within 48 hours following presentation of proof of payment or within 48 hours from the moment the payment is credited to Trzecia Strona’s account.
  7. Trzecia Strona shall not be liable for benefits lost by Subscribers, and any potential liability for non-performance or improper performance of the Agreement shall be limited to the amount of the Subscription Charge paid by the Subscriber.
  • 4 Responsibility
  1. Trzecia Strona forbids storing on the Subscriber’s hosting account information containing content contrary to Polish or international law, or containing racist, fascist or violent content, or inciting religious, racial or religious hatred, or content generally considered morally reprehensible
  2. In special cases where operation of a Subscriber’s software generates excessive load on the server, thereby detracting from the quality of services provided to other Subscribers, Trzecia Strona reserves the right to impose bandwidth restrictions on the Subscriber’s account or block the account entirely. The Subscriber shall be notified of the restrictions by an e-mail sent to the address provided in the Agreement, wherein the Subscriber shall receive a description of the restrictions together with the reasons for taking these steps.
  3. If, for reasons beyond the control of Trzecia Strona, it is impossible to contact the Subscriber due to an incorrect e-mail address, exceedance of the permissible mailbox size etc., and the Subscriber has not paid the charges on time, Trzecia Strona reserves the right to disable the hosting service provided the Subscriber within 10 days following its expiration.
  4. Trzecia Strona does not allow Publiker, SEO Adder, esCat or OmniAdd software, online gaming software or any software of a similar nature which massively adds automatic content to other websites to run on its servers.